It looks like downtown Battle Creek is about to have another option for buying fresh, organic produce, healthy snacks, and more.

The new store, which does not have an exact opening date as of yet, will be called Farmacy and will act as a convenient corner store that offers healthy options.

I originally saw this announcement thanks to Sprout BC, another newly opened business in downtown Battle Creek.

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About Farmacy

The man behind the vision is Devon Wilson, a gardener, former intern of Sprout BC, and the founder of Sunlight Gardens Battle Creek which hopes to increase access to local food while inspiring future farmers.

Through Sunlight Gardens, Devon often shares how-to videos like the one below:

Their extension, Farmacy, would offer products grown by their own farm, I'm assuming. Which is a very nice alternative to picking through whatever is available at the major grocery store.

And, they're hoping to fill the gap left behind by Horrocks when they moved out of downtown Battle Creek.

Currently, Famracy is aiming to open in June of this year (2023) but, they're still in the process of looking for sponsors and donations to open the store:

You can follow Sunlight Gardens' journey and learn more about their upcoming corner store by following them on Facebook.

Personally, I would love to see more stores like this pop up across Michigan and the rest of the country. Conveniently located (as in you could walk to them) corner stores that also offer healthier options have to potential to change a person's quality of life which is something I know I could definitely use.

Good luck to Farmacy with their opening!

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