Researchers found two new mutations of Covid-19 that originated here in the United States. One of which is dominating Ohio.

Researchers from the OSU Wexner Medical Center and College of Medicine recently announced a couple strange discoveries.  One of the strains found in Ohio was nearly identical to a mutation found in the United Kingdom.  However, there were able to rule out the possibility that this specific strain came from overseas.  Then there's the second new strain that really has a tight grip on Ohio right now according to WSYX,

The second new strain quickly became the “dominant virus” in Columbus during a three-week period in late December and early January. It includes three other gene mutations not previously seen together.

As of right now, it looks like that the new strain that is rapidly making its rounds through the Buckeye state is more infectious that previous strains of Covid-19.  There is currently no data that suggests that this new strain will be more deadly for those who contract it.  It is just more likely that you can catch it if you're exposed to someone that has it.  It is also to early to tell if the vaccines will be less effective on the new strains.  Only time will tell.  But right now experts are optimistic.

If you have travelled to Ohio recently please be aware of this new information before you come in contact with others.

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