A new Declaration of Independence was read Monday by the founders of "New California" as they took an early step toward seceding the statehood from California, a state they described as "ungovernable." Their plan is to take over most of current-day California, including many rural counties and leave the coastal urban areas to themselves.

The group issued a statement saying:

After years of over taxation, regulation, and mono-party politics the State of California and many of its 58 Counties have become ungovernable.

It's still a long shot that they will be able to pull this off but if they do, it's imagined that the new state border would look like this according to New California and USA Today...

New California/ USA Today

So what would it be like if Michigan split? Sure, we've had our issues as a state. But what if you took the state and split it down the middle? There has always been a small form of a "separatist" mindset in the Upper Penninsula, so you could ultimately allow them to succeed as well to become North Michigan...While the Lower Penninsula would divide into two parts split down the middle.

What would our state symbols be then? I came up with some theories I think would fit "West Michigan" very nicely:


State Bird: Blue Jay- This is my favorite kind of bird and whenever I see one in the winter it reminds me spring days are ahead. No other animal pops out in winter like the Blue Jay.

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State Capital: Kalamazoo- Let's be honest, there's enough rich history, nature, and character to back up why we would be running the show in "West Michigan."

Google Maps

State Motto: "Si non tempestatibus expectant iusti unius"- That's Latin, but in the common tongue it says:"If you don't like the weather, just wait one hour."

TSM/Mark Frankhouse

State Flower: Stargazer Lily-  This big beautiful flower perfectly embodies everything about West Michigan: colorful, bold and unique.

What other state symbols would you give "West Michigan" if we ever separated from the other side of the state? Let us know on Facebook.