Deadtime Stories is a newly opened bookstore in Lansing. Be warned. You won't find fairy tales or love stories here. Rather stories of local haunts and unsolved murders.

I happened upon a Facebook event for Deadtime Stories which celebrated their grand opening in Lansing this past weekend. Lansing is a little over an hour away from Kalamazoo but, being a true crime enthusiast myself, I knew I had to go. They're off Turner Street in Old Town in the lower level of an equally quirky little shop called the Thrift Witch.

The bookstore itself is much smaller than expected but it delivers on its promise of being all about true crime and other spooky stories.

The entrance to Deadtime Stories

The owner, Jenn Carpenter, is an author herself. Her published book, Haunted Lansing, can be seen below along with a selection from other women authors right here in Michigan.

Scream Queens - local Michigan women authors on display at Deadtime Stories

Right next to the women authors of Michigan is what Ms. Carpenter calls her "Murder Wall" which features books from authors, both men and women, all from Michigan. Some signed copies are available as well.

Among the large selection of Ann Rule, Stephen King, ghost and vampire stories, this was probably one of my favorite features. A trunk full of mystery murder novels for only $1.

We bought 4. I love a good mystery even when it's about what I'm buying! We ended up with a couple of authors I'm unfamiliar with but also works from James Patterson. Not a bad deal! Plus, I picked up a copy of "Murder in Battle Creek. The Mysterious Death of Daisy Zick" so I can learn some local history.

I've been interested in mysteries and true crime stories since I was a child. I blame sick days combined with marathons of Unsolved Mysteries. With all the latest podcasts and tv shows it's nice to, finally, not feel alone in this morbid, at times gruesome, interest. If you're in that boat with me this bookstore will probably be right up your alley.

As well, if you find yourself with a plethora of true crime books you'd like to get rid of, Deadtime Stories takes donations. You can find their address, hours of operations, and more on their Facebook page.

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