Almost everyone has a bestfriend, some of us are more lucky than others and have multiple bestfriends. Some have had fights and made up, while others have lost their bestfriends for many reasons and had to replace them. Some chose to bypass having a human bestfriend and chose to rock with animals as an alternative. Either way most of us have another living being that we consider to be our bestfriend and like to spend time with them.

Today Is National bestfriends day and what better day than today than to spend some time with one of the people you love the most. Obviously, there are a plethora of things that could be done to celebrate. From the obvious like going to visit a cannabis shop and hanging out in a park, going to one of the many bowling alleys, or even just getting a simple bite to eat with a few drinks. Here's a small sampling of a few things in Kalamazoo to try this national best friends day.

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Foodie Friends

There are tons of restaurants to go and stuff your face, wash it down with drinks, and enjoy the company of your friends all in one place. There's the fun ones like the Old Goat Tavern, Shakespeare's Pub, University Roadhouse where the drinks take the cake but the food will make you feel whole. There are also more subtle places like Monelli's, Los Amigos, and Old Burdick's that have better food but don't slouch on their drinks, okay!

Entertainment For Everyone

Entertainment in the city may be a little harder to find but there is always something for you and the friends to do to enjoy yourselves. From one of the three active bowling alleys we have in town, to the two movie theaters, down to escape rooms, Kalamazoo can provide entertainment to anyone. There is also nothing wrong with throwing it back to childhood and taking a nostalgic trip to Chuck E Cheese or Jungle Joes. With the addition of Axe throwing, ropes courses, Airborne, and so many more things I don't doubt you can find something to do for the day.

Oddball Opportunities

Obviously, everything above cost some money, so what are some things that can be done for cheaper around the city? Well there are tons of parks and nature preserves you can choose to walk around or engage in a friendly competition of some sort. There is the old fashioned sit on the porch and watch cars go by, which has turned into an all time great pass time or even just plain ole people watching. There is also the idea of just inviting friends over and hanging out watching tv or playing video games.

There are a million and one ways I could come up with for you to spend the day with your bestfriends, just don't waste it. Whatever it may be to show them that you care and enjoy their time, make it happen because friendships are important. Whether your bestfriend is male, female, a dog, cat, or any other living being they deserve your time today and deserve to know that you care about them. Even If you missed the actual day, it's never to late to get out and celebrate.

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