Over the course of time, people have thrown shame to the side to be a part of history, choosing to streak during televised sporting events or just to get their jollies in. Every once in a while you hear about streakers, but it's rare we ever hear of anything like that happening in Kalamazoo. We may never know how this particular case began. At first I thought it was maybe mental health issues, drug issues, someone escaping a dangerous situation, or someone who just wanted to be free.

Apparently this week, a woman was spotted to be completely nude at the roundabout on Sprinkle Rd. in Kalamazoo. The Kzoo subreddit blew up the other day with sightings from multiple people:

I witnessed a bizarre event today and I’m wondering if anyone else can add some context. There was a woman, completely naked, wandering around the roundabout by Denny’s looking completely distraught. There was a school bus stopped in the road right next to the situation causing a huge traffic jam. I need answers.

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Other people started to pop in, including the bus driver involved in the situation who gave her detailed account:

She jumped the guardrail by The Crew and jumped in front of my bus. That is why I stopped. She was begging me to let her on the bus but I couldn't as there were students on my bus. I called on the radio to dispatch to call the police. The woman kept going to other vehicles trying to open their doors. Then she came back to my drivers side window and was again begging me to let her on the bus. I was very concerned for her safety.

It's very easy to judge during these kinds of situations because we as a society have made naked bodies taboo, but there are many different theories as to why someone may be in this situation, so it's best we leave negative comments to ourselves and hope nothing but the best for the woman in question. If this is a case of a more serious manner, always watch out for human trafficking's red flags and report any suspicious events here.

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