For those of us who have to drive all over Kalamazoo everyday, we see the dangers that lurk around every corner and crossroad, but there are some intersections that are just too extra for me. I'm glad to know that I wasn't alone on some of these. I reached out to our audience to ask what they thought some of the scariest intersections in Kalamazoo were and I have to admit they're right. I actually have to meet with some of these every day, so I can attest to their nominations.

Check out the gallery below, so that if you're NOT from Kalamazoo, you know that eventually while passing through here, you may have to drive these intersections, so just stay sharp out there:

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The 10 Scariest Intersections In Kalamazoo

We asked our audience what they though the 10 scariest intersections were in Kalamazoo. As someone who has to drive to these everyday, I'd have to agree.

Honorable Mentions

  • Lake and Mills
  • The entire stretch on Gull road from Sprinkle to G ave. So many accidents
  • G Ave and 35th Street
  • 2nd and Almena. There are accidents monthly. I have called multiple times to ask them to change it to a 4 way stop. 2nd and KL is not much better.
  • Vanderbilt and Shaver right before Meijer


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