Over the weekend I had the pleasure of setting out on my first fall experience adventure...or whatever you want to call it. I, of course, had to drag my morning show partner along with me and boy was he thrilled!

As Dana has told me time and time again he hates leaving the house. But, when his fiance, Suzanna, invited me for some basic white girl fall fun I couldn't say no! I dragged along my better half, Dan, so Dana was dragged along as well. As you can see...he was thrilled.

Gene the Pumpkin Man 3

Our first stop was to Gene the Pumpkin Man. From the way this place was talked about I expected an almost fair-like type atmosphere. But, in reality, it was quite idyllic. Families with children were excitedly picking out their favorite pumpkin, waiting in line to meet the man himself, Gene and posing in front of the giant steel pumpkins. Oh wait...that was me. Dana was so happy.

Gene the Pumpkin Man 1

He just looks...SO disappointed.

Gene the Pumpkin Man 2

I may not have bought any pumpkins that day, but I will admit there's something about picking out pumpkins while there's a slight chill in the air that makes it all that more special. In Florida, we would have to wait until the last week of October if we wanted our pumpkins to still be around by Halloween. Fruit, heat and humidity do NOT mix well and most pumpkins look like a droopy mess by the time the holiday is over.

I know there are plenty more stops that need to be on my list. Where should I drag Dana to next? Let us know on our app!

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