Monica Lewinsky has made the news again, but it's not for what you think.

According to, a year ago Monica Lewinsky attended the 'Under 30 Summit' to introduce her solution: #BeStrong Anti-Bullying Emojis for Support. The free third party keyboard, developed by Vodafone in conjunction with teens across 11 countries, provides a simple way for teens to show their support for victims of bullying.

Monica talked about the project...

“In the survey of over 5,000 teens around the globe, it was consistently shown that finding the right words to use when they witnessed bullying, was challenging,an emoji solves that dilemma."

After a welcoming reception of the emoji's (#Bestrong) Monica is continuing to travel the world speaking about the anti bullying movement. Monica is the ambassador for Bystander Revolution and The Diana Award’s Anti Bullying Program. And now she wants Eminem to help her on her quest.

During a '60 Minutes' interview with Anderson Cooper, Eminem was asked about if he was bullied as a

"Yeah, there was a few instances," Eminem said. "Beat up in bathroom, beat up in the hallways, shoved into lockers. You know, just for, you know, for the most part, man, you know, just bein' the new kid."

Monica watched that interviewed and has reached out to Eminem in hopes that he will join the ranks of her campaign and help fight bulling. According to the papers, Eminem has yet to respond, The Detroit Free Press printed what Monica's tweet said...

"Hey (Eminem) — you Rap God," she wrote on Twitter, "Could you (or your people) plz reach out to me on DM about trying to get you involved in an anti-bullying campaign for next month?"

Fingers crossed that he jumps in and takes a stand...guess we will have to wait to see what happens.


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