In the age of digital everything, photography in particular has gone through some major changes over the last 10 years.

Back in my day (I'm only 34), capturing images on film was the only option. Every drugstore had an option for 1-hour film development. You could buy disposable cameras in packs of 5. And, if you were serious about your photography hobby, you were never without those little rolls of film.

Today, we have cameras right in our pockets at all times thanks to the ever-advancing smartphones. Because of that, the art of film photography has kind of faded away. Especially as a casual hobby.

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Imagine my delight, my feelings of pure nostalgia, and my surprise when I found a 20-year-old Michigander who is not only using film but taking really amazing pictures, too.

I came across a post in the Facebook group PureUP from a man named Owen Jahn. The post, which you can see here, reads,

The beauty of the UP captured on 35mm film. These were all taken on various trips up to the UP in 2022. I’m 20 and I started film photography a little less than a year ago, and plan to document the UP on film a little more every time I go. Enjoy!

I reached out to Owen who gave me permission to use these incredible photos here. Check them out:

Check Out These Awesome Pics of Michigan's UP Captured on 35mm Film

Owen Jahn, 20, manages to capture all the gorgeous sides and sites of Michigan's UP using actual film.

To Owen, thank you so much for letting me use these pictures! If you missed it in the gallery, Owen does have an Instagram where you can follow his photography journey. You can find the page, @owen_jahn, here.

It's weird but, I find it encouraging to see the younger generations dive into the "old" ways of taking pictures. I hope to see more and more following in Owen's footsteps.

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