Michigan has its fair share of things that other people around here just don't get. I hear it all the time, "what's a Michigan U-turn?" "What's a Yooper?" "Why does your rain smell like worms?" It's all a part of what makes Michigan a special place to be. But there is one slang word that we use that we can definitely say is our own.

Let's not forget that when we bump into people or get in someone's way, we always say "OPE!" before we apologize. But according to BuzzFeed, they asked the community from every state what their most used slang word is. Ohio's most used word is "please" because they apparently love saying it so much. But Michigan?

Ariana Sheehan/Townsquare Media
Ariana Sheehan/Townsquare Media

"Pop". Yep, that classic way to describe any caffeinated soda. In fact, if anyone ever says soda around me I get a little uncomfortable, like "you ain't from around here are ya?" kind of uncomfortable. Pop is definitely the most recognizable slang word we use.

What are some other ones you use?



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