Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday, is just 2 & 1/2 weeks away. Yes, it's my favorite holiday because of the food alone, but that's beside the point.

While either turkey or ham may be the star of the meal, I much prefer those side dishes. And since I'm new to Michigan, I want to make sure I'm serving what people like. Thankfully, Zippia just did a survey of the most popular side dishes in America.

They conducted the search by analyzing google trends from last year. Number one on the list? Mashed potatoes. 

Inga Nielsen

According to Zippia, 10 states including California, Nevada, Montana and Minnesota just to name a few.

The second most searched item was Mac N Cheese.

Mac N' Cheese
R Rob M Ferguson

Now we're talking. These seems to be an east coast thing with Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia and three other states searching for Mac N Cheese the most.

But, here in Michigan, it's all about the casserole! Green bean casserole to be precise.

green bean casserole

YUM. I'm drooling just looking at that picture. While I'm not complaining about the most popular side dish in Michigan, I wanted to see how it measured up with what Kalamazoo residents prefer.

I posed the question on our Facebook page, asking Kalamazoo what their favorite Thanksgiving side dishes are. Here are the responses.

Paige W says: Any dessert. Yes, girl. I'm right there with you

Michelle M writes: I make a badass green bean w red pepper casserole from scratch. That sounds UH-mazing.

Roni chimed in with her favorite Thanksgiving side dish: Candied yams.

Josie writes: Turkey dipped in soy sauce! That's a new one for me Josie, but I'm willing to try it!

Whether or not our tastes in Kalamazoo line up with the rest of Michigan I think there's one thing we can all agree least we're not in Maine where their most searched side dish was....a side salad. It's probably a bad sign that my first thought reading that was "gross". You can check out what the rest of the states are eating for Thanksgiving below.

Michigan's Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish
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