With the Spooky Season nearly reaching its conclusion, you may have already had your fair share of scares. After all, it seems like when people know your fear they tend to try and throw it in your face as much as possible. Maybe that's just my friends.

However, if you find yourself afraid of spiders and holes, you're far from being alone. Apparently, Michiganders are terrified of these two things.

Now, Googling "what are Michiganders most afraid of" yielded a couple of different results:

Fear of Holes

One article, from 2019, claims that data shows that Michiganders are scared of holes. The official name for that fear is Trypophobia. And, while some people might sneer at being afraid of holes, it is a very real fear that is described as causing feelings of disgust when looking at a pattern of holes. Picture a sponge or a honeycomb. Learn more below:

Fear of Spiders

A second article, from 2020, claims that spiders are the thing that Michiganders fear the most. And, that's understandable.

They're creepy. They're fast. They have SO MANY legs and eyes. It's understandable that you would be afraid of these tiny creatures. If you are one of the many that suffer from Arachnophobia, it may or may not be comforting to know that of the 500 species that reside in Michigan, only four of them are potentially harmful to humans.

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According to Michigan State University, the four medically important spider species are the brown recluse, the northern black widow, the yellow sac spider, and the northern cobweb spider.

Now, I know...if you're afraid of them, worrying about spotting one kind of "dangerous" spider is stressful enough without having to worry about four of them. If you want some tips on identifying dangerous spiders, check out this video from Home Team Pest Defense:

I did search "Michigander's biggest fear 2022" but, that yielded no results. So, either our fears remain the same as they did a few years ago or, someone didn't have the budget to do a study this year.

Either way, I know of at least a few more things that Michiganders are afraid of:

  • Ohio. Just...in general
  • The inevitable and hard-to-dodge potholes
  • The summertime road construction that's literally EVERYWHERE
  • Running out of beer during a snowstorm
  • Earwigs. Have you seen those things? They're gross
  • Drivers during the first snow of the season
  • The Lions winning or losing. Losing...we can expect but, would their winning be a sign of the apocalypse??

Obviously, I jest. About most of that. Not Ohio, though.

Whatever your fear is, I hope you have a happy and safe Halloween weekend.

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