Driving safe is something we all need to do more than ever these days. Michigan is not the easiest state to drive in.  Since I moved back 3 years ago I have noticed a lot more people in a hurry, and many just not paying attention.

Not too long ago, I wrote an article on distracted and safe driving in Michigan. We have enough to worry about these days with COVID19, and the last thing we need is to get pulled over for drunk driving.

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A DUI Is Expensive And Unnecessary

And who has 10 to 20 grand to go to spend on a lawyer, not to mention the guilt of hurting someone. We have Uber and Lyft now, so there is no excuse, let's stay safe.

Check this out, this is just as bad as driving drunk, this dude here in Michigan decided to huff laughing gas behind the wheel on Tuesday and crashed his car.  He had three passengers with him, including two kids. Why? I ask myself why would this guy put everyone in danger like this?

According to radioresultsnetwork.com there was a crash in Marquette County Tuesday night, and one of the drivers was sniffing nitrous oxide while driving. Yep, laughing gas.

There Are Crazies Out There Like This, Beware

The Sheriff’s said the accident on US-41 in Negaunee Township happened at around 5:00. The driver was a 32-year-old who apparently lost control of the car, crossed the median, hit a street sign, and then he woke up a while later.  What a clown.

Is there anything dumber than driving drunk you ask?  I guess there is.  Let's all stay safe on the roads and remember there are people out there like this.

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