A woman was caught on video driving and then crashing into a partially frozen canal in downtown Indianapolis on Christmas day.

Around 11 p.m. on Christmas night, there were a few people ice skating on the canal when a car rolled by at about 30 miles per hour. Soon after the video was taken, nearby residents were pulling the 33-year-old woman from her mostly submerged vehicle.

Indianapolis residents were shocked to see a gray Chevy Malibu drive down one of the frozen canals in downtown Indy Sunday. This young driver is lucky to be alive after her car broke thru the ice and plunged into the very cold waters of the canal.

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At the time of the accident, it was around 16 degrees in downtown Indianapolis. That's after three full days consecutively under the freezing mark with temps as low as 9 below zero, not counting windchill according to TimeandDate.com. You can only imagine how cold that water must have been.

The driver told first responders that her GPS took her down to the canal according to Fox 59,

She told firefighters she went down an embankment, through the park, and onto the canal. When she hit a dead end on 10th street, she turned around and headed south.

The suspect was arrested for drunk driving and has bonded out of jail awaiting her day in court.

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