This video is so crazy from beginning to end, you'll think it was staged.  It is complete madness.

Instagram content creator Freddies Father (@_blessed_216) uploaded a video on September 18th that you can not possibly watch just one time.  The original video has been watched nearly 700 thousand times in the last 3 weeks. The person driving one of the totaled vehicles allegedly fled the scene of the accident.  But, that's not even close to what makes this video so incredibly compelling.  In fact, it is difficult to put into words what you are about to watch.  So, check out the video below and we'll talk about it afterward.  Side note, this video has a surprising ending.  Watch it all of the way through.

WARNING: The video contains graphic language at the scene of a car accident.  This may not be safe for viewing at work or around children with the sound on.

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At first, you might have thought this video was going viral because of the car crash aftermath or maybe the commentary.  Then you saw another accident almost happen in the intersection just feet from the crash site.  That was followed by the miniature Nascar vehicle that flew into the shot.  I haven't been to Cleveland in many years.  Is that what it's like there now?

Wait, we're not done yet.  Someone made a remix of the incident.

The miniature car was later seen on the back of a flatbed tow truck on the way to the impound.

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