Breaking News: The Power Wheels loophole doesn't work in Indiana.

To be clear, driving any vehicle under the influence is dangerous and not a laughing matter.  We are not making fun of this man nor are we making light of DUIs.  However, it's not every day that you see bodycam footage of a man being pulled over in a Power Wheels jeep.  In case you don't remember, Power Wheels is a brand of very small motorized vehicles for children made by Mattel, the same company that makes Barbi.  Power Wheels toys are usually for children ages 18 months through 12 years old.

Even though the 51-year-old DUI suspect did know he wasn't supposed to drive the toy on actual roads, it's possible that he did not know he could get a felony charge while driving it.  So, if you thought there was a Power Wheels loophole, think again.

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Indiana State Police pulled over and arrested the 51-year-old Southern Indiana man while allegedly driving his Power Wheels drunk according to NBC Chicago,

(The suspect) failed several sobriety tests at the scene and was taken to a local hospital for blood tests, police said. Once at the hospital, a shocked McKee learned he was being arrested for DUI and said, "Are you kidding me?"

The suspect was booked for operating a vehicle with a prior conviction and then released.

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