This has got to be the strangest DUI case(s) Indiana has ever seen.

On Monday just before 8:30 in the evening, an Indiana man was not far from his home in Poseyville, Indiana when he crashed his car into a semi-truck.  He apparently called his wife to come pick him up from the scene of the accident.  That's when things got weird, fast according to Fox 59,

Before police arrived, Cheral Ricketts, 55, crashed her car into her husband’s vehicle, which was still in the roadway from the previous crash. Both Ricketts’ vehicles were totaled.

When the police arrived, they questioned everyone involved and then performed a blood alcohol test on Cheral.  The wife was then arrested for DUI and taken to the county jail after the test showed she had a blood alcohol level of .22%.  Donald was later tested at a local hospital and was found to have an even higher BAC.  In Indiana you are considered legally drunk with a blood alcohol level of .08 or more.

In summary, a man was allegedly driving drunk when he was involved in an accident.  His wife allegedly drove drunk to pick him up from that accident, only to crash into the crash.  Both vehicles are totaled and both husband and wife are charged with DUI.  Oh, Indiana!

Serial Public Poopers of the Midwest

Serial Public Poopers of the Midwest


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