An early morning crash, accidentally uncovered an illegal marijuana grow operation in Sterling Heights.

Around 5:30 on Wednesday morning a GFL garbage truck was involved in a strange accident.  The likelihood of this entire situation happening is almost nonexistent.  First of all, the crash happened because a vehicle was running a red light and turning around onto Mound Road at 5:30 in the morning.  A garbage truck was heading South on the same road at that very moment.  The driver of the garbage truck swerved in an attempt to avoid hitting the vehicle.  The garbage truck was unable to avoid the other vehicle and lost control after making contact according to clickondetroit,

After crossing the northbound lanes of Mound Road without hitting any other vehicles, the garbage truck crashed into an unoccupied building on the other side.

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That unoccupied building was full of pot.  Yes, marijuana is legal in Michigan.  However, there are strict regulations and licensing involved.  Police are currently investigating the alleged illegal grow operation.

A traffic accident like this happening when so few cars on the road before the sun comes up seems rare.  That car accident causing a large, heavy vehicle like a garbage truck to crash into a unoccupied building seems unlikely.  Finally, of all buildings that truck crashes into, it's one housing a possible illegal grow?  It's safe to say that luck is not on the side of the owners of the marijuana in this case.

There were no injuries reported from this crash.

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