Turning right on red has been legal in most states since the 1980s.

However, in Michigan it appears this law dates back to the '50s. We are home to Ford and the Motor City after all, so naturally we're innovators on and off the roads.

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Actually, the first tri-colored traffic light was invented and first implemented right here in the Great Lakes State. Neat! Tuck that history nugget away for your next pub trivia night.

According to Michigan vehicle code  MCL 257.612 (1)(c)(ii) ,

Vehicular traffic facing a steady red signal... may make…a left turn from a 1-way or 2-way street into a 1-way roadway carrying traffic in the direction of the left turn unless prohibited by sign, signal, marking, light, or other traffic control device.

So yes, you can turn right at a solid red light so long as you come to a complete stop, you're headed in the same direction as traffic, and there's no sign telling you not to do it. Easy, right?

Fun fact: it is also legal in Michigan to turn LEFT on red! Again, provided you're headed in the same direction as the flow of traffic and there's no sign telling you it's illegal.

User Echo BravoTango, With Permission
User Echo BravoTango, With Permission


So why would we ever consider doing away with this law? And does it have anything to do with all those roundabouts that are popping up across Michigan?

Traffic data is showing an increase between accidents involving cars and pedestrians-- who have the right of way. In fact, things have gotten so bad that one Michigan city, Ann Arbor, has flat-out banned "right on red" at nearly 50 high-traffic intersections.

Adds CBS News,

Washington, D.C.'s City Council last year approved a right-on-red ban that takes effect in 2025...San Francisco leaders recently voted to urge their transportation agency to ban right on red across the city, and other major cities such as Los Angeles, Seattle and Denver have looked into bans as well.

So it turns out this isn't just a statewide issue, it's nationwide. Would you be opposed to a ban on right on red in Michigan?

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