The past few years have been challenging for all of us, but I believe teachers have been amongst those that have it a little tougher than the rest of us. First, many of them had to learn on the fly over the past 2 years how to effectively teach a remote classroom while also taking care of their families and trying to keep themselves and loved ones safe from Covid-19. Now that they're back in school the possibility of shutting down is always looming over their shoulders and one of the largest staff shortages ever all across the country.

Obviously, a lot of those problems listed above have been trouble at other businesses as well, but the way teachers are reacting is different. Some have decided to continue pushing for their students, doing what they can to keep them safe, happy, and successful. Others, don't quite have that same idea, and seem to think sharing their thoughts through words, quitting their jobs, or even going on strike would be the appropriate response.

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Bulldog Blow Up

Teachers all over the country have been dealing with the same issues with protest striking up, some professors here in Michigan have been letting their mouths do all the talking. For example, the professor from Ferris State University that sounded off on his students during a lecture. He repeatedly dropped swear words while demeaning the college and his students over their handling of not only his class and the work he expected of them but also of the Covid-19 guidelines. He did all this while wearing a space suit like helmet to mock masks.

 Barbaric Viking

One of the newest teachers to make the headlines here in Michigan made some remarks he wish he could take back. Shortly after the Oxford High School tragedy, many school systems across the state decided to meet with their professors and have them briefly address the actions. Well one teacher from Hopkins High School in Allegan, took it a tad too far and decided to spill his own thoughts about the incident. In what many parents are describing as insensitive comments. He went in to detail saying he would cause a distraction if he was the perpetrator so he could finish his hitlist.

Falcon Failure

The most recent of Michigan's school teachers to make the news was actually a substitute teacher. This instance occurred in the metro Detroit area of the state, more specifically in Farmington, Michigan.  During the school day at Farmington High School, a black male student walks to front of one of his classrooms and touches something on the teachers desk. Obviously, this is something that doesn't happen often but the response was more than unwarranted.

The substitute teacher goes on to tell the student to "get his cotton picking hands off the desk" and this was handled very well by students. They left the classroom, told a trusted adult, and then went on to walk out of the building and protest outside of the school while chanting "Black Lives Matter". The comments were so disgustingly vile and morally wrong that the teacher was removed right away and will never work in the school system again.

Teachers have had it rough over the last few years and many of us sympathize with them understanding how hard their jobs already were before then strenuous circumstances we face now. Most of them have stuck it out for the beloved children of the world, while others decided they have had enough. Are these teachers wrong, do you think they've gone crazy? Or do you think they've just had enough?

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