Amid the ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic, Kalamazoo Public Schools has been struggling to fill the schools. That's right, they're not having enough success with getting people into schools. It's not what you think though, their struggle is getting staff members into the building to account for all of the students. They are having trouble with getting all types of staff members from bus drivers to paraprofessional to teachers and security guards!

School has been cancelled and bus routes have been shut down almost every day of this school year due to staff shortages. They have been able to make it work for the most part, asking parents to handle transportation for their students to and from school when no bus driver is available. Teachers have been stepping into other classrooms on their plan period to be a substitute teacher. Here's a list of job openings Kalamazoo Public Schools has available for anyone with a clean record.

Bus Driver

As mentioned above Kalamazoo Public Schools has had trouble this school year getting bus drivers, therefore causing lots of parents to worry about transportation for their children and ultimately a lot of missed school for some students. It has become an everyday task for parents to check their phones and see if their child's bus will run the following day or not, but you have an opportunity to not only get students to and from school safely, but also to put money in your pocket.

If you are already have a CDL with P and S endorsements or would be willing to train and obtain one, a clean driving and personal record with no DUIs, and enjoy children then this may be perfect for you. If hired, you will receive a starting pay of over $14 an hour, paid holidays, bonuses, benefits, and even paid training if you need it.

Activity Helpers

An Activity helper is self explanatory. This is an elementary level job where you would meet with other activity helpers and your supervisor to come up with activities for students to participate in during recess. You must have at least a high school diploma or GED and a record of good attendance among other things. This is essentially a staff member that ensures the lunch room is clean after lunch, that recess is fun, and that everyone is safe and accounted for.

There are many other jobs available at Kalamazoo Public Schools across their various locations with varying requirements and expectations. The idea is that not only does this help yourself, but it helps the students, and subsequently their parents as well. The parents may be able to relax knowing their child is going to get to and from school safely and will be taught by people who care. Every job is important and you get to make money, on top of paid training and benefits.

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