Who knew that the guys running a school could be so cool?

Now days when a "snow day" is called by the powers that be, you don't find out by reading the scroll under the local news broadcasters or hearing on your favorite radio station. Some school districts have not only taken to social media but are dominating it!

Watch this Principal and Superintendent from Swartz Creek Community Schools in Michigan raise the bar for snow day announcements!

They can sing, they have a sense of humor and granted the kids a snow day!!! What is not to love about these guys! Checking out Facebook, I saw some very nice posts about their performance!

Jamie Tucker Fett replied: Amazing job gentlemen!!

Shane O'neill commented: BRAVO!!!! Well done!

Anna Young posted: How terrific. More school professionals should have your fun-loving and creative attitude! Watching in Mount Clemens as we have a snow day for Chippewa Valley Schools!!

I love that the principal and superintendent not only care about their kids this much, but that they have this fun of a job announcing a snow day! These are great educators and any student is lucky to have them!

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