Just in time for Halloween this restaurant is serving brains.  Not food that looks like brains...actual brains.

Are you ready to sink your teeth into the delicious brains of a cow or pig?  That's on the menu at Red Dunn Kitchen in Corktown, MI according to Detroit News,

Chef Jay Gundy at Red Dunn is playing into the Halloween theme by offering dishes with pig and calf brains now through Halloween night. One dish has whipped pork brain with mascarpone, olive, lemon and grilled bread. The other is grilled calf brain with brown butter, sage, hazelnuts, sweet potatoes and balsamic.

These two specials are served in addition to the regular menu, which has shareable plates like house-made pappardelle noodles with beef Bolognese, veggie flatbread and a Red Dunn burger, plus salads, sandwiches and appetizers.

When I'm looking for good brain food, this is not what I'm talking about.  I'll take a hard pass.

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