I went on Facebook yesterday to ask the people of Kalamazoo and surrounding areas in Michigan to give their own made up slogans to for the city they either grew up in or live in and they did not let me down. Here are some of the best ones I received:

Mark Frankhouse- Rochester Hills- Need Anything? There's a strip mall for that!
David Caine Kissel 
Manistee- "Home of the Port City T*tty!"
Fpow Salamino Mount Clemens, Michigan-
"It's like a normal mountain, but it's flat and full of heroin and potholes."
Shawn Addison Ferndale- We're basically Royal Oak.
Amber Harrington Waterford- Clarkston's armpit.
Curtis Smith Rochester- Birmingham Lite.
Nicole Avery Roseville- More like hoes-ville.
Tanya Belous Kalamazoo- The people zoo.
Tj Williams Centerville- Welcome to Cent...damn we missed it.
Theresa Elliott Schoolcraft- Where kids drive tractors to school and your neighbor is a cornfield.
Steve Mills Albion - "If you're searching for potholes we've got a treat for you!"
Pax Iekika Slager Vicksburg- Hicksburg.
Sean D. Saint Arnauld Portage- Where we just tell people we're from Kalamazoo because no one's heard of us.
Jordan Miller LeRoy: Yes, you’ve passed it by on the highway.
Blake Parshall Coldwater- “It’s the pit of Michigan”.
Valerie J. Glasscock Paw Paw- the town so nice they named it twice!
Michelle Hambright Climax- the most exciting place in Michigan! 😂
Ron Carnell Colon- Home of the #2 ... Pencil?

Some of these are amazing. Make sure to give us your slogan on our Facebook post.

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