I'm all for a good debate! The latest topic to get Kalamazoo-area residents all riled up on social media is not about the upcoming election or the recent decriminalization of public urination downtown-- the internet is fighting over who has the better Target store.

"Target runs" have grown to be a cliché, but there's something about the red bullseye that sets it apart from other local Meijer or Walmart stores. I'm sure I speak for the majority of Target fanatics when I say there's something magical about roaming the aisles at Target without a purpose. You never know what you're looking for until it finds you.

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There are two Target stores in the greater Kalamazoo area, one on West Main and one in Portage off of Westnedge. I'm sure u/chickenpuggetz was asking a seemingly innocent enough question on Reddit when they posted,

Which Target is better? Thoughts? Just want one that's more low-key but still stocked semi-well...Store anxiety is real rn

Naturally, a hard-hitting question like that opened up a can of worms! Here's what local Target shoppers had to say:

  • "Avoid portage when possible. Sorry portage (no I’m not)" - RocketSZN
  • "Never even been to the portage target, I love the W Main one!! Super friendly staff and it’s always clean and relatively well stocked." - midgethepuff
  • "I've just experienced untidy shelves, tags and trash on the floor, and a few times a very messy restroom. (retail is a tough job, I super appreciate the folks that work there) maybe portage just gets more traffic/ or messy customers." - getbetterhumans

I'll be honest, I've only ever been to the Target on West Main and have never had any issues there. I can't recall that I've ever been to the Portage Target and now I'm a little wary about going.

Which do you think is the superior Target in the Kalamazoo area? Or are you #TeamMeijer all the way?

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