Both the University of Michigan and University of Notre Dame have been selected to host presidential debates next fall.

The Detroit Free-Press reports the debate season will begin on September 29th at Notre Dame. The second debate will be in Ann Arbor at U of M, on October 15th. 2020. The final presidential debate will be at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, on October 22nd. Interestingly, all three presidential debates will be east of the Mississippi River. The one vice-presidential debate will be at the University of Utah, on October 7th.

The Ann Arbor debate will take place at Crisler Arena.

While the election cycle now lasts close to four years, all the debate dates are with three months of the actual election on the first Tuesday of November next year.

The last presidential debate in Michigan was in 1992 in East Lansing. The late President Gerald R. Ford was a Michigan alumnus and one of his Presidential libraries is on the U of M campus.

With the country deeply divided, fireworks could spark, and whomever the candidates are, hoping that they say nothing that can cost them votes from undecided voters, although it's hard to believe there are any undecided voters.



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