Learning to become "Pure Michigan" can be overwhelming, especially for someone moving in from far outside the region. There's words and phrases you won't recognize, rules of the road that apply ONLY in Michigan, certain food and drinks you'll only find here, and of course, learning to live with some of the wild weather.

But thankfully, there's a guide to help take you through becoming a "Pure Michigander" through dozens of short videos. Luke Galganski, aka "The_Michigander" on Tik Tok and Instagram is the embodiment of being Pure Michigan, amassing more than 140k followers on his Tik Tok account, and over a thousand followers on Instagram.

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Galganski has a humorous approach to most of his content, poking fun (mostly) at people who don't understand the culture of the Great Lakes State... which is EXACTLY why he has the perfect account for people hoping to one day become "Pure Michigander."

Here's a few important things someone can learn about becoming a Michigander from his account:

Celebrate the Small Things

@the_michigander Reply to @brwn_eyed_vixen The ⭐️’s aligned today. #meijer #meijers #michigan #michiganders #goodday ♬ original sound - CHRI$
@the_michigander The last one never gets old #gooddays #driving #michigan #michigander #michiganders ♬ original sound - CHRI$

The_Michigander has a LOT of videos that make you appreciate the little victories in the Mitten, like not having to wait for a dozen people to cross in front of you at Meijer, or you FINALLY get to roll the window down in the spring. But probably the sweetest victory, is avoiding a life-ending pothole.

Euchre is an Important Game to Learn

@the_michigander This video contains re-enactments of true life experiences . #euchre #michigan #michiganders ♬ Spongebob Closing Theme Song Music - Ocean Floor Orchestra

If you're not familiar with this card game, prepare to be openly mocked when you tell a Michigander you've never played it before. They're more than willing to teach you all about it, but that first time saying, "what's Euchre?" to a Michigander will be met with audible gasps. Once you get the hang of it, though, that's one more step toward becoming Pure Michigander.

It's "Pop" not "Soda"

@the_michigander IYKYK #michigan #michiganders #pop ♬ original sound - Luke Galganski

It's unclear if this is widely accepted as a line in the sand for Michiganders, but The_Michigander sure is picking this as a hill to die on. His reasoning? Bubbles don't "soda," they "pop." I can get behind that.

Speaking of Pop, have you tried Faygo or Vernors Yet?

@the_michigander IYKYK #faygo #michigan #michiganders @faygobeverages ♬ original sound - batrick pateman

@the_michigander Feel the burn. #vernors #michigan #michigander #michiganders ♬ original sound - Luke Galganski

If you're familiar with the Insane Clown Posse, then you know what Faygo is. A lot of Michigan artists mention it in their music from time to time, OR, at least make a big point of showing it off while they tour. But non-Juggalos in particular have probably never heard of this regional sod... sorry, POP producer. SOME places outside the upper midwest might carry it, but nowhere close in quantity and selection options. As for Vernor's specifically, this is uniquely Michigan and upper midwest. The unique flavor from this Ginger "Pop" (even though it says "soda" on the cans and bottles) can only be found in this part of the country. The inventor of this drink, James Vernor, was a pharmacist in Detroit in the mid 1860s when came up with the flavor profile. Since he was a pharmacist, it seems like a natural fit that Dr. Pepper picked up the brand and owns it now.

The Weather is... Unpredictable

@the_michigander It’s about to go down. ☀️❄️#weather #michigan #michiganders ♬ original sound - Luke Galganski

Michiganders already know, expect multiple false starts to Spring, and several rounds of winter. This year in particular, it seemed Mother Nature in the Mitten was hanging on to winter as LONG as possible, with snow still falling in the UP in early May. So be prepared for winter... at all times. Also, be prepared for Spring... at all times.

It's a constant learning curve on becoming a Michigander, and it seems @The_Michigander has all the answers. For sure give him a follow, even if you're already Pure Michigan, and see if you agree with all of his assessments of Mitten Culture.

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