Maybe the winter weather makes us a tad more romantic in Michigan

With Valentines day right around the corner, Redbox wanted to know what state rents the most romantic movies and the Detroit Free Press reported those results...

Shows residents in Michigan watched more romantic movies in 2014 than any other state, based on the titles rented across the company's 35,000 self-service DVD kiosks.

The top 10 most romantic cities, according to the survey are...

  1. Green Bay, Wis.,
  2. Evansville, Ind.
  3. Lansing, Mich.
  4.  Mankato, Minn.
  5. Zanesville, Ohio
  6. Ames, Iowa
  7. Rochester, Minn.
  8. Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo, Mich.
  9. Toledo, Ohio
  10. Lima, Ohio

Right there on the list is our town Kalamazoo Michigan! We are joined with Lansing and Grand Rapids, not a bad list to be included on!

Redbox also looked into what "Romantic Movies" made people's heart skip a beat and here are the top 3...

  1. "The Notebook"
  2. "Titanic"
  3. "Pretty Woman."

In case you were wondering here are the leading men that woman love...

Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey (they are not wrong)!

So on this snowy Valentines Day, rent yourself a romantic flick and enjoy the evening!

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