Michigan is #1 again.  This time, it's about our relationship with chores.  Check out the Top 10 US States Stressed Out by Cleaning below.

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Michigan is ranked #1 in the U.S. for the highest percentage of people—50%—stressed out by cleaning, according to the bObsweep National Cleaning Index. The average person in the state spends over 6 hours cleaning per week!

To conduct this study, bObsweep, in conjunction with Learndipity Data Insights-- asked a nationally representative sample of 2,000 Americans about their attitudes and habits around household chores.

Michigan takes the top spot with 50% of people claiming they are stressed out about cleaning.  The Midwest has a strong showing with Indiana coming in at #3 at 38%.

1. Michigan (50%)
2. Massachusetts (43%)
3. Indiana (38%)
4. Iowa (36%)
5. Kansas (36%)
6. Colorado (34%)
7. Oregon (33%)
8. Alaska (32%)
9. Florida (30%)
10. Pennsylvania (30%)

Do you feel stressed out by cleaning?  If so, why?

Here are a few ideas to help relieve the stress.

#1.  Play music or a podcast during the chore.

#2.  It's a sprint not a marathon.  If you think about a 3 hour house cleaning event, you'll be drained before you start.  Focus on one 15-30 minute project at a time.

#3.  Make someone else do it!  In other words, delegate.  If you're not the one making all of the mess, you shouldn't be the one doing all of the cleaning.

#4.  Have a routine.  If every Tuesday is kitchen day and every Saturday is laundry day, it doesn't have to be on your mind all week.  Not to mention having that weekly schedule will mean less cleaning in the long run.

#5.  Have the tools you need.  You get what you pay for.  If you pay for a cheap vacuum cleaner, you'll have a cheap vacuum cleaner.


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