I'm gonna give a recent survey that was performed by Business Insider a run for their money. According to a study which analysed google searches in each state in 2018 to determine what cocktail people were searching the most, beer was not our top search. Along with the states of Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico and New York, the study found that out of all the alcoholic drinks, Moscow Mules were the most searched by people in Michigan. I guess I kind of get it, people wanna live lavishly at home and wanna learn how to make one. Seems simple enough.

Don't get me wrong, I love a few Moscow Mules to start the day, but in a state that has hundreds of micro-breweries and hundreds, near thousands of different kinds of beers, these searches and studies are kind of entertainment to me at this point, because we all know Michigan is a beer state. If you pitted cocktail searches against beer searches, it would be no contest. Still, Nostrovia to you.

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