3 Generations, totaling 25 people, living under one roof is now the new TLC TV show "Meet the Putmans"

Here's how the math works out: 10 adults, 15 kids, and only 2 bathrooms.

According to Mlive.com the family got on the TV stations radar a number of years ago...

"In 2010, Brandon and his dad Bill applied to be on ABC's "Wipeout," a gameshow where contestants competed in what's billed as the "world's largest obstacle course." They filled out the long application, which asked in-depth questions about their lives, including the size of their family."

The family resides in Caseville Township, and 3 of the 4 adult children work for the family business 'Putman Developing and Demolition'. All 4 children reside at home with their spouses and children. The love this family has for each other is impressive, and life not always easy with so many people.

"One of the biggest challenges in the house?

"Turd time," said Bill Putman.

There are only two bathrooms, he said. So, when you see an opening, you need to take advantage."

The family has dinner together every night at 6 pm and always set 2 extra place settings just in case someone drops by.

The family goes through 6 gallons of milk, and three loaves a bread per day. Also, all the children 'brown bag' it for lunch every day and the laundry is running 24/7...

"The girls get up in the middle of the night to swap out the loads and restart it," Bill Putman said. "There's only so much room for so many clothes, so it's always going."

The family has kept the what will happen on the show a secret, but you expect a lot of love and fun from this family.


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