So the question, then, is how many beers does it take for Michganders to feel drunk?  From my experience, it's always been measured on an individual basis using many factors like weight, experience, how much you have or haven't had to eat.  There are obviously more based on science I'm sure so lets leave it to the experts.  The next question, then, is why aren't we #1???

These and other questions have already been answered by who have determined that it takes 4.02 beers to feel drunk just behind Arizona who checked in at 4.04 beers.  Now, with that little separating the 2 states, I'm going to have to call "margin of error" and go ahead and say WE'RE #1!!!  As it stands we, along with Arizona, are the only states above 4 and we may have a bit of an advantage, ya know, being the craft beer capital of the fricken world.  If you want to get more stats, feel free to click HERE.


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