Whether you have a long travel time, are just looking to wind down, or you need something to have on while you're doing your Spring cleaning, podcasts are an easy form of entertainment.

Easy, because there are just so many of them!

Specifically, there seem to be a plethora of podcasts that focus on different subjects having to do with the state of Michigan. Regardless of your interests, you'll most likely be able to find the Michigan podcast perfect for you. Here are at least 8 divided by category:

For the True Crime Lovers

1. Already Gone 

Already Gone is hosted by Nina Innsted who works with the Missing in Michigan group which focuses on missing persons cases within the state of Michigan, as the name suggests. Her podcast has covered cases like New Buffalo's Justin Mello, the '99 murder of a mother in Hazel Park, and more. You can find Already Gone on both Apple and Spotify. Read more at alreadygonepodcast.com.

2. So Dead 

So Dead is hosted by Jenn Carpenter, owner of Lansing's bookstore, Deadtime Stories, which we have covered in the past:

Aside from local true crime stories, So Dead also features tales of "oddities" from the state including Michigan cryptids, the Lake Michigan Triangle (which apparently is similar to the Bermuda Triangle), and more. Read more about the So Dead podcast on their website.

Looking for even more Michigan true crime podcasts? Check out a full list here.

For the Sports Lovers

1. Locked on Lions

We love to hate them but, can't seem to stop ourselves from rooting for them, right? The Locked on Lions podcast, hosted by Matt Dery, is a daily podcast that features special guests, breaking news about The Lions, opinions, and audio from coaches and players. Find all episodes on Apple.

2. MGoBlue Podcasts with John Jansen 

Hosted by John Jansen, former Michigan football national champion, the MGoBlue Podcast covers current updates on the latest football games, news on Michigan sports alumni, and interviews with current coaches. Find more here.

You know there are WAY more than just two podcasts about sports in Michigan. Find a more comprehensive list at awesomemitten.com and feedspot.com.

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For the History Lovers

1. Michigan Hidden History 

Michigan Hidden History covers Michigan's historical sites and markers, the stories behind them, and what part they played in the United State's history overall. The host is a teacher in the UP who, for some reason, does not give his name on the official website. You can read more about Michigan Hidden History here.

2. The Detroit History Podcast 

This podcast specifically focuses on the rich history of Detroit. Currently, the show is on its 4th season covering topics like missiles that were stationed around Detroit during the Cold War, the construction of the Detroit Windsor Tunnel, and potential ghosts in  The Whitney restaurant. Hosted by Tim Kiska, you can find all episodes here.

3. Tales of Southwest Michigan's Past 

On the other side of the state, we have the Tales of Southwest Michigan's Past podcast hosted by Michael Delaware. He covers historical stories that, "encapsulate pioneer triumphs and tragedy, amazing events and resilient, enterprising and passionate people." Find all episodes of Tales of Southwest Michigan's Past here.

For the Environmental Enthusiasts

1. The Environment Report

The Environment Report, hosted by Lester Graham, to put it simply, explores the relationship between the natural world and the everyday lives of Michiganders, according to the official website. The podcast covers things like algae blooms, lighthouse preservation, and much more. Find all episodes here.

Those are just a handful of the many Michigan podcasts available on both Apple and Spotify. See even more options here.

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