With Halloween quickly approaching there are a lot of questions about whether or not Trick-or-Treating will be taking place this year, if so how to keep it safe, and what neighborhoods will actually be participating. The most important thing is that however it's done, that it be pulled off as safe as possible. The Mattawan Candy Company is trying to accomplish that with their very own Costumes and Candy event being held on Halloween.

Running from 1 p.m. until 4p.m., the shop which is coming up on their one year anniversary, is promising all treats and no tricks with their event:
No tricks, just treats! Grab your costumes and stop by Mattawan Candy Company on Halloween from 1pm-4pm for a free candy goodie bag trick-or-treat style!
We will be randomly giving away two $5 gift cards every hour!
This is an outdoor event.
Please wear a mask and use proper social distancing. *Bonus points if you work the mask into part of your costume

I lived in Mattawan for over a year and of course the month after I move back to Kalamazoo they decide to open a candy store. Probably better I'm not that close to all those sweets... which they have much of. The Mattawan Candy Company has over 150 flavors of bulk candy to choose from in addition to a locally made selection, old fashioned favorites, and newly released candy.

Coming up November 30th, they'll be celebrating 1 year in business. There are no plans as of yet for any kind of special celebration but I'm sure we'll hear more after Halloween is over.

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