The naked prisoner left more than a thread of evidence of his jailbreak.

I'm sure the officials at the LaPorte County Jail in Indiana would have eventually discovered that a prisoner was missing on their own.  Lucky for them, bystanders could easily see evidence from outside of the county pen of an escape, as 43-year-old Desmond Robinson allegedly left sheets tied together, hanging down the outside of the building from the top floor according to,

A jail supervisor received a call around 11:30 p.m. about the bedding material hanging on the east side of the jail building at 809 State St., Allen said. The material had been tied together and was coming from an upper floor window.

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Not long after the corrections facility received calls regarding the bedding hanging down the side of the building, local law enforcement received a report of a naked male walking in the downtown area.

It is currently unclear why the escapee was completely nude.  Maybe the man thought he would stand out wearing a jail jumpsuit outside of penitentiary grounds. It probably didn't occur to him that he would also stand out wearing no clothing at all.

LaPorte County jail officials quickly determined that all other prisoners were accounted for.  The escape is currently under investigation and the escapee is back in jail and in clothing.

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