A Dayton, Ohio family struggles to find the remote control after an SUV crashes into their home.

OK, I took some liberties with that last statement.  Oddly enough, my first thought when I saw that SUV sitting in the living room of someone's house the first thing I thought of was, "they're never going to find the remote."

Law enforcement is currently looking for the driver of the driver of this large SUV according to WDTN.com,

The crash happened on Germantown Street near Lakeview Avenue Monday night. Authorities said a man wearing all black ditched the SUV after crashing into the front of the house.

This is where I would normally make some sort of car crash joke.  But car puns can be exhausting.  Ohio was recently ranked the 10th best state for driving in a new study by WalletHub.  They ranked so high due to the low cost of cars and maintenance.  They ranked #37 out of 50 for driving safety.  That makes more since when you look at the video below.

There's no word on if anyone was home during the surprise visit.  Also, no injuries were reported.

Apparently, Ohio is no stranger to flying automobiles.  We reported on an incident that involved a truck going airborne during a police chase in Moreland Hills a couple months. ago.

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