Malcolm X may be one of the biggest names in the civil rights conversation and not just here in America but all over the world. He left his mark on the world, empowering the oppressed to rise against the pressure and fight for what is right. Everyone didn't always agree with Malcolm's ideas, plans, or thoughts but he just wanted equality no matter what it took or the consequences he might face. I wouldn't know for sure but I would bet that his dad was proud of him.

Speaking of his father, he has graced us Michiganders with a piece of history that may be unfortunate but gives us something to "brag" about if you will. This event that occurred here in Michigan gives our state a tie to Malcolm and his family forever. Malcolm nor anyone else is from Michigan, but his dad spent some time here and left us with a parting gift.

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TikTok has taken the world by storm in the last couple of years and there is content about EVERYTHING on this platform. One of the common types of content is demented, paranormal, abandoned, and spooky material which Michigan has a ton to offer. One user (@screamqueen517) is known for her videos which highlight the history, demented places, and other kinds of ominous content she can find in Michigan. Michigan Tiktok has so much to offer, including info on Malcolm X's father!

Malcolm's Ties To Michigan

Earlier this month, a Michigander on Tiktok (@screamqueen517) posted a video at a busy Lansing intersection and was explaining some history that went down there. Malcolm X's Dad was spending some time in Michigan during the early 1900s when he was murdered by a street car in Lansing. Watch the video below:

@screamqueen517 A bit of hidden history. #MichiganHistory#LansingMichigan#findyourgrace#nourisheveryyou♬ original sound - Jenn Carpenter
She goes on to detail how he was left to die in the middle of the road as his body was almost cut in half. The cops went on to label the incident as an accident to avoid investigating, the insurance company labeled his death a suicide to refrain from awarding the family their life insurance inheritance payout and proceeded to sweep everything under the rug. 
Malcolm's daughter would later return to make and plant a sign at the intersection in remembrance of her grandfather. The memorial sign would eventually be damaged and found laying on the ground. The user who posted the video was able to get the sign back up but many comments expressed thanks for the information in the video and were asking how they can make the intersection a historical marker with flowers and the whole nine. 

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