When I was a kid, Chuck-e-Cheese was our go to spot. We had one right across the street from our subdivision. But this was after we moved from Royal Oak, MI to Rochester Hills. Even sometime after that, my mom from time to time would make the drive back to Royal Oak so we could experience the place that we truly wanted to be a kid at, Major Magic. The place was a wonderland filled with games, a kick ass live band of animatronics, the BEST pizza I'd ever had and a super fun atmosphere. Sadly, the 90's destroyed a lot of the fun 80's stops, and Major Magic was forced to close.

But everything old is new now, and retro things are blowing up and becoming popular again. Earlier this year, Major Magic announced they would do the unthinkable and bring back the once thriving establishment...then Covid hit. After that, many businesses went under, and sadly Major Magic is the most recent victim. In a post, they announced they'll once again have to close. The time, money, hard work and heart they put in to restore MM in all its greatness, was for nothing:

Below, you can take one last look at what could have been the greatest kids fun comeback story in Michigan history. Instead, this 35 year old kid is left brokenhearted and bummed for these folks who were dedicated to the dream. Goodbye Major... we salute you.

The show characters, kitchen equipment, games, tables, chairs, ect. are all being sold. If you have interest, please contact Mike at 586-823-2115

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One Last Look At Michigan's Major Magic's

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