America fell in love with Sister Jean a few years ago as the Loyola Ramblers surprised fans and experts alike with a couple successful runs at the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament. Sister Jean, the centenarian nun who is the team chaplain, you could make an argument she became the face of the franchise, especially after coach Porter Moser left for the Oklahoma coaching job.

Well, Sunday, Sister Jean Delores Schmidt turned 103. This might not mean anything to anyone but me, but she was born a month before my late father. Woodrow Wilson was the President of the United States. She has spent most of her century-long lifetime serving God. And with recent the successes of the Ramblers has attained more than a modicum of fame.

But as we all know, fame can be fleeting. But here's something more eternal; no, not in the serious religious sense, but Sister Jean has had a Chicago Transit Authority train plaza renamed in her honor. As the ESPN story said, "students and visitors will pass by a large sign marking it as "Home of the World Famous Sister Jean!'"

It's no doubt Sister Jean gets a lot of love and respect, as you can hear in the final minutes of this interview with former coach Moser.

(March Madness via YouTube)

There's a Polish toast that wishes you 100 years, but what do wish someone who's done that already? Maybe another 100, or at least good health for the rest of the journey.

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