This week's choice for #TikTokTuesday was not easy. We had a lot of suggestions (thank you!) but, one local creator has impressed me with the amount of positivity he's included in his content.

Yesterday, I posted a video on Tiktok asking local creators to connect with me so they could possibly be featured. My very first message was from Ryan Webber. Normally, people send their own content. I mean, that's what I do. Hey! Look at me! I'm clever and creative! It's what I asked for. But, instead, Ryan sent me videos from other local creators so they could be considered...and I thought that was awesome.

Ryan has popped up on my For You Page several times. Nearly every time I opened the app, in fact. Most recently, he posted a video highlighting four reasons why you should date a bearded Dad-bod. 😂

No lies detected.

Besides being witty or following the trends, I noticed that Ryan likes to focus on positivity. Like with this video:

Or this one where he, again, shares the spotlight with a fellow creator to remind people the importance of taking a minute before you judge a situation.

Anytime I see positivity on a social media platform, especially this year, it reminds me that...there's some hope for us after all.

However, I'm not okay with the fact that Ryan has discovered a heavily guarded secret...

Now the world knows! 😂😂

Check out all of his content here.

We are featuring a Southwest Michigan TikTok creator every week on-air and online every Tuesday for #TikTokTuesday.  If there is someone that you think we should highlight, Friend us on TikTok and send us a message @DanaOnAir or @ThatChickChelsea.  We look forward to seeing your favorite TikToks!

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