With the classroom portion of the remainder of the school year cancelled, many parents and students are looking something to keep the engaged while in quarantine. A local car dealership family is sponsoring a contest to engage both the children and their parents.

The DeNooyer family (which has had a dealership in the Kalamazoo since the time of World War II)  has posted an online contest on its websites. With the hashtag #DenooyerKidConsultant, Denooyer says you never know where the next great sales consultant will come from, so the goal of the game is for the families to create a video of a child (age 10 and under) “selling” or doing a sales pitch on their favorite toy.

“With this contest, we are always looking for our future sales consultants, so we are looking for kids aged 1-10 to “sell” us their favorite toy and tell us the best thing about being at home on video. Their parents will then post it on Facebook or Instagram, accompanied by #denooyerkidconsultant, ensuring that the post is public. DeNooyer will then pick our favorite video with the most likes and shares. The winner will get a new toy from us.” - Denooyer

The whole contest is detailed here, along with the rules. The Denooyer Facebook pages are (Chevrolet) and (Ford)

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