"Congratulations, you've won a beer scholarship". It's not quite as amusing as that, but at first glance, it does sound like a dream come true. And for one WMU student, it is.Ellie Maddelein, who's a junior at WMU's and KVCC's joint sustainable brewing program is the first scholarship recipient in an effort to support women in the beer industry. The $2,000 scholarship comes from Arcadia Brewing for Maddelien's successful performance in the sustainable brewing program.

According to WMU,

Maddelein "chose to pursue a degree in sustainable brewing after visiting a brewery in Oregon with her family. "That experience of seeing the brewery, spending time there and tasting left a positive impression on me," she says.

"After figuring out I could be a part of this fantastic industry by joining Western's program and that I could do something that really interested me, I knew it was the degree for me. I cannot wait to continue forward in my education and career. Having support like this is very appreciated and motivating."



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