Many people do not feel safe with a gun in the house, here are some alternatives

I live alone, something I rather enjoy. No one eats my food and everything is where I left it when I return. Yet, there are a few down falls of living alone and I experienced one a few nights ago.

Fast asleep, I was woken by something being knocked over downstairs. My dog went on high alert with a number of deep loud barks followed by growls that could rattle the windows. I was scared stiff, no joke, I totally froze, I had no idea what to do. I have never taken a self-defense class, and I did not have anything even resembling a weapon to protect myself with. So, I promptly covered myself up with the blanket and held on to the lamp located next to my bed. I didn't get good sleep that night because my shoulders were stiff from reaching out and holding the light (I tossed and turned a lot).

Over the weekend a friend ran into a woman who teaches self defense classes. After hearing the story, the self-defense teacher advised that I a keep a can of bug spray, (RAID) next to my bed. The reason why is if you spray it in someones eyes, it is like shooting them with pepper spray! That is a great idea, and I will be picking up a can on my way home from work.

I wondered what else that I have around the house that could protect me. I went to and discovered 4 awesome ideas to keep myself safe

Here are a few other home made weapons to keep you safe...

  1. A fountain pen - you can carry it with you at all times and it mimics a knife
  2. A Sock Weapon - take a sock and put a roll of quarters in it, it will hurt if you make contact.
  3. Lighter and Hair Spray - tad more dangerous for many reasons, but you can make a blow torch
  4. Walking stick - find a study stick or cane and you can just start swinging.

I may be a chicken, but now I can at least be more prepared.


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