The latest Kelvin and Co. location has opened, reports MLive, in Portage, at 7083 South Westnedge, in a store front that was Mackenzie's Bakery's last location in Portage. For a business that's only been around for a couple of years, Kelvin and Co. has had some immense challenges but has kept pushing forward.

The first location opened on Michigan Ave. in downtown Kalamazoo to a very positive reaction. Then the building that they were located in had a water pipe burst. A second Kalamazoo location opened on West Main across from Maple Hill. A third location, in Grand Rapids, opened, but had some water issues, too. It eventually closed.

But now, as the business explores a new location in the metro Kalamazoo area, they hope that some of the misfortunes of the past will be left there as residents of Portage can check out the newest restaurant in Portage at Kelvin & Co.

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