Forget Michigan sports landing on a box of Wheaties, when you can change the entire look of Fruit Loops instead. Battle Creek, MI based Kellogg's Company has released a limited edition version of their Fruit Loops cereal box to celebrate a Michigan win. And it's already sold out once so if you're a Wolverines fan, you'll want to grab one while they last for a limited time.


Kellogg's Celebrates Michigan Wolverines' Historic Win

The No.1-ranked Wolverines beat Washington 34-13 to win their first national championship since 1997. This year the Wolverines went 15-0, and is only one of four teams in NCAA history to accomplish it. So to celebrate that historic win, Kellogg's has released a limited edition cereal box.

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The box features maize and blue colored fruit loops and the 'Go Bloo' wording is a play on the iconic Toucan Sam's 'loopy language' according to a press release from Kellogg's. The side of the box also includes the Michigan Wolverines' fight song. The Wolverines' winged helmet is featured as well.


How to Get A 'Go Bloo' Michigan Cereal Box

Kellogg's is only offering the Michigan National Championships Limited Edition Box Sleeve for a limited time. The company has already sold out of the boxes once but they are currently available for $18.17, the year that the University of Michigan was founded, Kellogg’s said. Their website states that cereal is not included with the box:

*Cereal Not Included: Please Note That This Is A Special Edition Box Sleeve Only. It's The Perfect Accessory To Proudly Showcase Your Support For The Wolverines Or A Gift For The Michigan Enthusiast In Your Life.

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