I'm really having a hard time processing what must go through someone's mind before they decide they're gonna sue someone. I think if I was ever in that situation it would be a hard decision to make. But I'm starting to get the feeling that not everyone shares the same sentiments about the topic.

Battle Creek company Kellogg who makes the chip brand we all love, Pringles, is being hit with a lawsuit according to The Oakland Press. Apparently, there is a couple, Barry and Mandy Allred who live in San Diego that are pressing charges against the company because they say the packaging doesn’t clearly indicate that artificial flavoring is used in the "Salt & Vinegar" chips. So they're suing for false advertisement.

In their complaint, they say that the label on the chips give “the impression (consumers) are buying a premium 'all natural' product with natural flavoring ingredients, instead of an artificially flavored product.” Listen, I love me some Pringles. Probably could smash a whole can in one sitting, no lie. But I've never for one-second thought that what I was eating was farm braised fresh from the fields. It's a snack.

The goal of the lawsuit is to be reimbursed for the "premium they paid for these products that they wouldn’t have paid if they’d known it wasn’t naturally flavored." I wish them the best of luck in their quest for reimbursement.




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