Now that I've been back in my home state for over a year now, I'm having fun re-discovering my home and playing tourist in my own back yard.

For as well as I thought I knew the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek area, I'm learning that I've only just begun to scratch the surface!

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I recently spent some time exploring Battle Creek which included the Fantasy Forest at the Leila Arboretum, stopping downtown for a few beers at Handmap Brewing, and walking around the Oak Hill Cemetery.

Is that weird?

I knew there were a handful of notable Michigan residents buried in one of Battle Creek's largest and oldest cemeteries, but I didn't realize just how many there were!

Here Are 6 of the Most Famous People Buried in Battle Creek's Oak Hill Cemetery

From cereal magnates to saxophonists, here are some of the most famous residents of Battle Creek's Oak Hill Cemetery.

The next time you're visiting Battle Creek be sure to stop by and pay homage to these notable Michiganders. While you're there I'm sure you'll notice the infamous "Crying Mary" shrine. Learn about its bizarre backstory here:

Downton Abbey? Check Out This Impressive Lakeside Manor For Sale in Battle Creek

Once the most expensive home in Battle Creek, the asking price has been greatly reduced and is a steal at only $799,000!

Battle Creek Arboretum's Fantasy Forest

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