Beans, cheese, and taco meat weren' the only things flying around Friday afternoon at the Taco Bell located at 821 Capital Ave. S.W. in Battle Creek. According to local authorities what could have been a misunderstanding turned into a violent altercation in the drive-thru lane at around 4:30 P.M.

The Battle Creek Enquirer reports that a 25-year-old woman from Battle Creek was in a car driven by her mother when another woman in line at the drive-thru waved them past. The daughter went on to say the other driver pulled next to them and cut them off in the lane. The daughter then yelled at the other woman "are you serious you smart a-- b----, you almost just hit my mom's car!" It was then the lone woman got out of her car and walked towards the mother and daughter and reached for the mother through the window.

The mother then sprayed the other driver with water. According to the daughter in the car, this is when the other driver then grabbed the arm of the woman with the water bottle. It was then revealed by the lone woman as she exposed the uniform under her coat yelling "I work for the sheriff department."

It turns out the lone woman was hit by a car just a few moments before but had pulled off to the side stating though that she was still in line, which led to to the altercation.

Sheriff Matt Saxton spoke Friday and said the employee is on administrative leave and his department is waiting on a decision by the city attorney and will be conducting their own internal investigation of the incident. No Bueno.



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