About a month ago, Kalamazoo got a unique opportunity that not a lot of cities have done quite yet, and it seemed to have been a hit. Kalamazoo had its very first Sip N Shop, an organized event that was packed with vendors that were all black businesses. Even the food and drink vendors were all black-owned businesses, so attendees got to eat, drink, and shop with some of the best black businesses in the area.

Now, obviously, everyone, including myself didn't make it to the last event, which was held at the Girls Scout Building on Maple street. I heard through the grapevine that the last one went well. This is an opportunity that allows for fun, laughter, possibly full hands, and an empty wallet.

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Lucky for those like myself that missed the last one, we have gotten a chance to redeem ourselves. Kalamazoo will be seeing part two of the Sip N Shop event, which I'm hoping is better than the first. On August 14th from 3 pm to 7 pm at the Girls Scout Buiding at 601 W Maple street, the vendors will pack in, followed by the customers.
Some vendors will be returning, while others chose not to, and new businesses took their place. This is another event that is exclusive to black-owned businesses from the Kalamazoo area as well. Everyone in attendance, on the vendor side, will be black-owned including the DJ, the event coordinator, and any other vendor you can think of. There will be cocktails, food, clothing, jewelry, health and skin care products, and so much more to choose from.

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